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Harry Styles (One Shot) 4


Warning: Mature content; Sex and sex!

       I’ve been married to Harry for almost 2 years now and we have a beautiful princess named Darcy, Darcy Styles. We’re living together like normal married couple. Harry said he don’t want me to work because he wanted me to look after Darcy. 
       Yesterday was the day that finally Harry got back from his tour with the lads. Today, he told me that he needs to go to the studio to record a new song for 1D’s upcoming album. I woke Darcy up at six and Harry told me to wake him up at 6:30 am. It’s already 7 am and I’m in the kitchen— preparing the breakfast for my two darlings that are currently getting ready upstairs. I place the hot toasts on Harry’s and Darcy’s plate. Nutella for Darcy and peanut butter for Harry. I can hear Darcy’s running down the stairs with her noisy key chains on her bag. 

Darcy: Mummy, mummy! Can you please tie my hair like how the Tumblr girl that I showed you to yesterday did it? 
Me: Oh, that fish braid thingy? But your hair is not long enough sweetie.
Darcy: Ahhhhh, nooo. But that girl looks sooo nice and I wanna look like that too!
*Someone’s is walking in to the kitchen— Because I know that familiar scent. It’s Harry…*
Harry: But you look so beautiful with your hair falling down to your shoulders like that, baby. Just like your mother. 
— Harry is standing next to me and giving me that sexy smile. 
Harry: Good morning, beautiful. *kisses me on the lips*
Me: Good morning to you too, handsome. 
— Harry is grabbing the green apple in the fruit basket and starts to biting it.
Darcy: Where are you going, daddy? You just got home from your tour yesterday and you’re leaving us again? 
Harry: I’m going to the studio, baby. Me and your uncles are going to record a new song for our upcoming album. I’ll be back before you know it, sweetheart. *kisses Darcy on the forehead*
Darcy: Daddy, can I ask you something?
— Harry who is slowly pulling the chair to sit on it, raises up his right eyebrow feeling curious about his 5 y/o daughter’s question.
Harry: Sure baby, what is it you wanna ask me?
— I pull my chair which is next to Harry and start to spread the peanut butter on Harry’s toast. I did one earlier before Darcy and Harry came down, and now Harry’s eating it.
Darcy: What did you do to Mummy last night, daddy? I heard her screaming and the bed kept hitting the wall which was kinda annoyed me. Did you hurt her, daddy? 
— Harry who is almost died of chocking his toast finally clear his throat and start sipping his coffee. 
Harry: Daddy and your mummy were…. playing a game…. last night….
Me: Yeah. A game! Mummy lost it and mummy was so frustrated….
Harry: that mummy scream as loud as she can and she messed the bed.
Darcy: What game? Can I play with you guys too, tonight?
Harry: NO!… I mean…. You’re still young and…..
Me: and… the game is not suitable for your age,….. yet….
Harry: Yeah…..
Darcy: But whyyyy? I wanna play it too. What game? Why can’t I play it? 
Harry: That game contained a…..
Me: a very harmful…….
Harry: chemical! Yes, chemical!!!
Darcy: Mummy and daddy were playing  chemical? In the room? That is sooo dangerous mummy, daddy. What if one day our house got explode? Where are we going to live then?
Harry: Err… No, mummy and daddy are professionals. We played this since we met.
Darcy: Since daddy met mummy? But why daddy played chemicals with mummy when daddy met her?
Harry: Because…. that was the only thing that was fun doing with your mummy and I can’t believed it that mummy was good at playing it.
— I pinch Harry’s hip and he “ouch” a little.
Darcy: What’s wrong, daddy?
Harry: No, nothing… it was just-…
I cut off his words: Okay Darcy, finish up your breakfast. Your bus will be here soon. 
Darcy: Okay mummy!

10 mins later
I wave to Darcy who is already in the bus with her friend till I can’t see the bus on the street anymore. I walk back in to the house and off the kitchen again. I’m cleaning the dishes and suddenly someone’s arms are tightly wrap around my waist and pulling my body closer to his body. It’s Harry. He buries his head in my neck and start leaving a trail of kisses on my neck. I throw my head back enjoying the pleasure that he’s giving to me. 
Harry: I can’t believe that Darcy is already five years old, babe.
Me: Time flies, Harry.
Harry: I can’t believe how much I’ve missed you. Your body, your smell.. Everything. I miss you, babe. So much… *slowly kissing up to my jawline*
Me: Darcy is already big enough to think what we were doing in our room yesterday, Hazza…
— Harry “hmmm…” in my neck and his curls are tickling me. He pulls my hair to one side of my shoulder and he starts kissing the back of my neck till he finally found my sweet spot. 
Me: Harryyyyy….. not now…. I’m cleaning the dish, harryyy…. *It’s more to moaning than telling Harry stop.*
Harry: You look sexy in the morning babe. I can help myself.
— He pushes his body closer to mine till my body hit the sink. Now I know whyyyy he did that. I can feel him hardening and he’s poking it to my bum. 
Me: Harry, you have to go to the studio, remember?
Harry: They can wait….
— His hands are now slowly traveling up to my breasts and he’s squeezing it with his both magic hands. He squeezes it slowly and it causing me pain, a good one.
Me: Can you at least let me finish cleaning my dishes, please..?
— He even pushes his body closer to me again and start pumping his boner in my bum. I laugh with what he’s doing to me and he starts to make the sex sound— Moaning with his sexy raspy voice. F**k Harry! 
Me: I don’t know and I don’t want to know what you’re doing behind there but I’m still gonna continue cleaning this dirty plates okay?
— His hands travels down back again and he’s now placing it on the both sides of my waist and starts thrusting again. I look at the reflection of the window that is just in front of me, I can see he is throwing his head back and that curls seriously never fails to turns me on. 

I quickly rinse the plate with water and dry my hands with the napkin. I turn my body around and we’re both facing each other now. 
Me: You’re such a tease, Harry. 
Harry: I’m your husband now, (Y/n). You need to give me whenever I need ‘it’ okay? Doesn’t matter, anytime and any place. If I want it, I WANT IT.
Me: Uhhh~ Looks like someone’s eager now..
— Harry lift me up to the kitchen counter and I cross my legs together. I’m just wearing my loose grey tank top and a yellow legging with my top knot bun. He kisses me and I kiss him back, hard. His hand travel up to my top knot bun, untie-ing it. 
Harry: Sorry babe, I love it when your hair’s down. You look sexier like this. *continue kissing me again*
— His hands then slowly separating my both legs apart. He pins it around his waist and wrap his hands around my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and he lift me off from the kitchen counter. He’s taking me to the living room. 

He throws me on the couch and start stripping his clothes off, leaving him only his white Calvin Klein’s boxer. 
Harry: Clothes off, babe.
Me: Too tired to take it off, Harry.
Harry: What a lazy bump you are, sweetcheeks.
— He quickly pulls my yellow legging off and throws it away on the table. 
Harry: No knickers? Seriously (Y/n)?
Me: Shut up and fuck me already, Styles!
Harry: Look who’s eager now *smirks*
— He pulls off my loose tank top, easily and unclasp my bra. 
He then starts to attack my nipples by sucking it hard. After the left one, he moves off to the right one. He’s on top of me and I can feel his boner poking my clit from down here. I rub my clit through his boxer and he stops sucking my tits and he’s now darting his beautiful green eyes to mine. 
Harry: Stop teasing me, (Y/n) or you’ll get it. *continue sucking my tits*
— I then continue back again rubbing my clit down his crotch. I moan and shut my eyes. I know how much that drives him crazy. Harry then get his sucking off from my tits and place his thumb on my clit. That seriously surprised me ok?! I had my eyes shut and I didn’t know he wanted to place his thumb on my center!
Harry: and that’s what you get when you disobey my words, baby.
—He then licks his thumb and place it again on my clit. He rubs it fast and deeper in my clit. 

Harry pulls off his thumb and he’s now taking off his boxer. He throws his boxer that almost hit down our wedding picture frame that is near the tv. He then adjusting his length in me and I clench the end of the couch, tightly. After done adjusting his length, he let out his big breath. 
Harry: Ughhh! This feels sooo good babe! Didn’t know you’re this tight in the morning? Are you ready, baby?
Me: Yeahhh!
Harry: I wanna fuck you like Darcy won’t hear us from her room!
— He then starts thrusting and he tilt up his head every time my walls clenching around his dick. 
Harry: Oh, my, God. You are sooo tighttt baby!!!!
— My orgasms is slowly building up and Harry’s thrusting is getting sloppier than ever.
Me: I’m almost thereeee!!!
Harry: Just… a few more…. thrusts…. baby!!!
Me: Ughhh!!! Harrryyyyyy!!! I can’t take this anymoreee!!
— I cum around his dick and he’s still thrusting. He then releases his cum in me and collapse on my naked body. I can feel his tiny sweats on his bare chest sticking on my chest. He’s still in me and we’re both breathing heavily. He kiss me on the lips and pull his dick out from me, slowly. 
He licks all the juices clean from my sensitive clit and kiss my belly.

Harry: I love you baby but I have to go to the studio now. I’ll be back at 6 and we’ll continue this tonight okay? 
— He gets off from me and start putting his clothes back on. He brushes his curls with his hand like how he always did it. He wipes his sweats on his forehead off and unzips his pants. I sit on the couch properly and start to tie my hair back to a messy bun. I put my top on and too lazy to pick up my I-don’t-know-where legging.

Harry: and baby…
Me: yes?
Harry: You taste real good. I’ll be home for lunch later and I wanna eat you out again okay?
Me: Harry.
Harry: babyyyy
— He bent his body down to kiss me again on the lips.
Harry: I love you baby and I’ll see you later. Take care baby.
Me: I love you too and take care of yourself too.
— and off he go to the studio.

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