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Cara Delevingne, Eleanor Calder and (Y/n).
Note: I’m not a lesbian. But I have a major crush on Eleanor and Cara, it scares me… So yeah. Don’t hate on me, this is my first time writing this. Someone requested this in my fan-mail, so there ya go! Enjoy XX :)

Warning: Mature content; Girl on girl, threesome, eating out and fingering.

I’ve been in relationship with Nialler for almost 6 months and studying in London for almost 1 year. When you’re in relationship with someone, you’re automatically friends with his friends too, and also his friends’ girlfriends. 
Eleanor texted me yesterday that she wanna hang out with me today. Cara texted me this morning that she’s having a break for a while and she wanna hang out somewhere. So, I decided to just hang out with these two people at the same time and same place.

[ You’re wearing: ]
I get out from my car and take out my shades off from eyes. I can see there’s a group of girls starting to whispers to each other about me. Some of them even snapping my photo and I just act normal. My phone starts to buzzing and I look at the screen, it’s Eleanor texting me.
Eleanor: “Sweetie, me and Cara are waiting for you at Starbucks :) xx”
— I put my phone back again in my bag and starts walking to find these two girl. 

4 mins later
I walk in to the Starbucks shop and I can already see my best friends laughing together. I walk towards their table. Eleanor pulls me in a hug and followed by Cara.
Cara: What took you so long, babe?
Me: Haha, I’m sorry guys. Stuck in a traffic jam, ughhh!
Eleanor: So, can we do some shopping now? 
Cara: Hahahaha let’s go!

2 hours later
Eleanor: (Y/n), can I sleep at your apartment today? I’m too lazy to drive back to my place. Can I..? Please…?
Me: Of course you can, babe!
Cara: So, see you guys next time okay? 
Me and Eleanor: Take care, Cara..
Cara: You guys too. Byee!
— Cara walks off to her car. Eleanor got here by a taxi and since she wanna sleep over at my house tonight, we’ll just go to my apartment together then?
It’s so cold tonight here in London. It’s almost 10 pm and we’re stuck in a jam, ah-gain! While waiting for the red light turns to green, I can see that Eleanor is looking at me and biting her lower lip, seductively. I turn my head slowly facing her and she smiles awkwardly. 
Me: Why you look at me like that, El?
Eleanor: Nothing. It’s just that….. Nialler is such a lucky guy. You’re so pretty, stunning, have a nice body figure, your beautiful hair and gosh! If I’m a guy, I would totally fall head over heals for you (Y/n). No lie.
Me: Oh Eleanor, don’t be silly! You’re prettier and hotter than me. Louis is the luckiest guy on earth, ever!
Eleanor: Oh how I wish I’m a guy…. so that I can bang you real hard!
Me: Pardon? What did you say?
Eleanor: No-nothing…. I said so that I can hang around with you every day. Because, you know… Guysss, always hang out together..
Me: Oh…. Okay… 

an hour later
I get out from my bathroom and rinsing my hair with a towel. I then grab my phone from my nightstand table and starts to scroll my twitter timeline. Cara tweeted “Day well spent with @(YourTwitterName) and @EleanorJCalder :) XX” about an 2 hours ago. I tap on the retweet button and unlock my phone. I pull my hair dryer and starts to drying my hair. While I’m drying my hair, I hear someone’s moaning and it’s coming from my guest room. I switch off my hair dryer and slowly walk out from my room. I walk to the room where the moaning coming from and I peek a little bit inside of the room because the door is not shut properly. I’m looking at a naked girl with that two long legs masturbating on the bed. She’s using her right hand to rub her clit and other hand clenching the bed sheet. I’m getting wetter and wetter right here. My hand is starting to travels down to my clit but then I stop. 
"No! I can’t do this!", I say to myself. I close my eyes and turn my body, making my way in to my room back again. Suddenly, the guest room door opens widely.

Eleanor: (Y/n)? Is that you??
Me: Err…. I’m…. I’m sorry, El… I didn’t mean to watch…. I thought you were…. I don’t know…. I’m sorry, I’m going to my room now. 
Eleanor: No, it’s okay. Don’t be sorry about it, babe. 
Me: Reallyyy?
— I turn my body around and all I can see is this beautiful girl with her beautiful hair falling down on her both side of her shoulders, standing naked in front of me. 
Me: So, it’s okay if I watch you….. you know…. ‘do’ that…?
Eleanor: You just wanna watch it? You don’t wanna ‘feel’ it? 
Me: Err…. I don’t know how to…. you know….. with a girl…. 
Eleanor: Oh… So, you wanna continue watching it again? 
Me: But El…. I have a boyfriend…
Eleanor: So do I babe. *smiling and slowly turning me on*
Me: You sure…?
Eleanor: Come in, you can watch it in hi-def inside there babe. 
Me: Oh, but do I have to put on my sleeping wear first? I’m sorry if this question…. sounds stupid. Because I seriously don’t know what to do… with a girl…
Eleanor: No babe. It’s okay, you can just stay in your towel. Now, come on in!

Eleanor walks in the room and I’m following her from behind. She then sits on the bed and I’m sitting on a chair that is near to the door. I put that chair here in this room because, you know… It’s a guest room. I don’t know what they wanna do in here, so I just put a chair in this room then. Eleanor sits on the bed and start sucking her index finger, seductively. He then shoves her wet index finger in to her clit and starts pumping in and out. She throws her head back moaning and the way her hair just casually falls back really turning me on. I bit my lower lip and slowly squeezing my breast. She then pulls her finger out and suck it again. The way her tongue licks her index finger, slowly and seductively really makes me wanna touch her beautiful pink clit. 
I get up from the chair and start to pull the towel off from me. 
Eleanor: uhh laa laa, looks like someone’s ready to fuck a girl for the first time..
Me: Shut up, El! Now, lay down.

She lays down and I start to climb on top of her and found her beautiful lips. We starts to kiss each other hard and I deepen the kiss even more. I pull her cute little nipple with my one hand and another hand pinning myself for my body support. She then bucks her hips and our clit touches each others’. “AHHHH”, the moment when I moaned that, Eleanor quickly slips in her tongue and start battling for dominance. I pull her long leg and pin it around my waist. We start scissoring each other and I pull away from the kiss to breathe. I start moving my body and circling her clit with mine. She’s squeezing my breasts with her hand and moaning loudly with her eyes shut. We scissoring each other for 2 mins and we both reach our orgasms.
Eleanor flips me over and starts hovering over my body. She’s leaving some sweet kisses from my jawline, down to my breasts, my stomach and kiss my both thighs. She licks my clit once and then she smiles. I almost scream when she did that and she sent me chills. He then shoves in her face in my clit and starts sending vibrations by “mmmmm”-ing in it. She shakes her head faster and faster and I pull my hips up and she push it back with her hands down again. 
Me: Eleanorrrrr, I’m about to cummmmmm!!!!

"Not without me, babe!" 
We both stop and stare at the door watching a girl with her loose tank top and her cute blue shorts. 
Me: Wh-what are you doing here, Cara???
Cara: I knock on your door for ages and all I can hear is you guys moaning and screaming. And you (Y/n), you need to change your location on hiding your keys. Under the door mat? Seriously babe? 
Me: Sometimes I even forgot where I put it okay?
Cara: And you Eleanor! I didn’t know you’re thattt good in eating a girl! You look so innocent and cute, how can you be this wild?!???
Eleanor: Err….. I don’t know how to answer that, babe…

Cara pulls her loose tank top off and throws it away on the floor. She pulls down her shorts and surprisingly, she’s not wearing anything inside it. 
Eleanor: No knickers? Naughty girl!
Cara: Shut up, El! I’ll scissor you till you can’t walk! You (Y/n)! Shut her mouth by putting your clit on her face, now, on the floor you guys!!!
— We both quickly get off from the bed and start moving down to the floor. 
Cara: El, I want you to lay down. Let me eat you out first. And you can continue eating (Y/n) like you did just now. Now, move!
— Eleanor lays down on the floor and I position my clit on her face. She then pulls my clit closer to her face and start eating me out again. Cara shoves in mouth in to Eleanor’s clit and Eleanor starting to moan inside my clit, sending vibrations inside me. I then push my clit to close her mouth and she’s eating me out back again. Cara then suck again and again Eleanor’s clit and change her position. She scissoring Eleanor and  Cara’s face is the most sexiest thing I’m watching right now. The way she’s using all of her energy pushing in her clit into Eleanor’s clit really makes me want her to scissor me like there’s no tomorrow!
I then get up from Eleanor’s face and walk to Cara. I pull Cara’s hair up and start making up with her. Eleanor is rubbing herself down on the floor. 
Cara then shoves in her 2 fingers in my clit and we’re still kissing each other hard and passionately at the same time. She’s cupping my jawline and she’s rubbing her clit up and down on my clit. I throw her on the bed and start to pull her one leg up and scissoring him. The way she moves her clit under my clit really really makes me feel good. Even Nialler can’t make me feel THIS good! She pulls my nipples harshly and bucking her hips. I lowered my face down to her face and start kissing her again. Our clits are now sloppier than ever and Cara is screaming and arching her back. I then collapse on her body and lay next to her. We’re both breathing heavily on the bed. I turn my face around to look at Eleanor who’s on the floor and she’s still rubbing her hand on her clit and her eyes are close tightly. She also then reach her orgasm and we all starts to laugh together. 

Eleanor: Let’s just keep this as a secret. 
Cara: Yup, only me, you and (Y/n) knew about this.
Me: No one else.
Eleanor: And if you guys wanna try this out again, just give me a call.. *still breathing heavily*
Cara: You guys are the best!
Me: Best day of my life!!!
Eleanor: EVER!!!!

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