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I Wish… [Part 35]

Niall. #Imagine

Niall’s P.O.V
It’s 4:15pm and Dec 21st, 2011. It’s cold outside and that’s why (Y/n) is wearing her jumper. 
She looks cute in (
The way she slowly rubs my left leg with her bunny-shoes, it’s kinda turn on. She looks at me and I strokes her hair one by one. I pull her chin closer to me and kiss her sweet lips. We both close our eyes and enjoying this moment. I interwines my fingers in her hair and rubs her neck slowly. I suck her lower lip begging for entrance but I know she wont grant it. She’s being a tease. She pulls away from our kiss and she sits up.
Me: Wh-whaaatttt??
She: I wanna go to my room now. I’m not sleepy already. Wanna join me, Horan? *She gets up from the bed and walk to the door*
Me: You’re such a tease, babe.
She: Hehehehe no I’m not :P *She walks out from my room*
— I get up from my bed and walk out from my room. I walks in her room and (Y/n) is on her bed, pulling her blanket to covers her body. 
Me: You’re not sleepy but you’re getting in your bed. Explanation please?
She: Hahahahaha. I don’t know what to do so I decides to get in my bed then? :P Come here, Niall :) *She pats her bed next to her*
— I get in the blanket and it feels good. Well maybe, I should sleep with her tonight. Her bed is much much comfy then the one in the guest room. She turns his body to me, wrapping his left leg around my waist and putting her left hand on my chest, and then she closes her eyes. I pull her left hand and kiss her ring.
Me: If you’re going to school…. are you gonna wear this?
She: Nope. I’ll put it in a box. You’re okay with it, Niall?
Me: Yeah. It’s okay :)
She: You can pull yours out too if you’re going on tour.
Me: Nahhh, I won’t. I can’t take this out. This ring makes me feels like you’re always with me. Like… right beside me. Although you’re not even there. So yeah :)
She: Awhhhhh :’) I wish I can wear it in school. But my teacher… ughhh…
Me: Yeahh, school rules…. I know that.
She: Sorry, Nialler :(
Me: No nooo, it’s okay princess. It’s okay :) Baby, can I tell you something?…..
She: What?

Your P.O.V
I’m pulling Niall’s hand walking down the stairs right now. I laughed like a mad person just now. Niall told me that he got something to tell me. He told me that’s he was so hungry. The way he said it just now was just…. hahahaha, Oh Niall.
We walks in the kitchen and we see Pizza on the dinner table. I pull out one piece of it and when I’m about to put it in my mouth, I look at Niall. He’s giving me his leprechaun-cute-hungry-face to me. He just looks at me with his blue eyes attached on my pizza. I pull my pizza out and gives it to him. He smiles when I put the pizza in his mouth. He takes the pizza from my hand and continue eating it by himself. I take a new one and pull the chair, and eat my pizza. We chit-chat for a while and talk and talk. After we finished eating our Pizza, we walks out from the kitchen and go to the tv hall.

I can see my dad is watching tv, alone there.
Me: Dad, where’s mum?
Dad: She went to the supermarket with your little sister just now.
Me: Oh I see… What are you watching? *I sit on the sofa and Niall sit next to me*
Dad: Forgot the title but it’s kinda cool. It’s like, very adventurous.
Me: Wait…. I think I’ve seen this-..
Niall cuts me off: In London, last week. Yeah, we bought the DVD.
Me: And yesss! This story is sooo cool!
— I’m about to lean at the sofa, I pulls Niall’s hand to wrap my shoulder and I put my head on his shoulder. We’re all watching this movie, together.
3 mins later… 
Dad: So Niall… This xmas, you’ll be celebrate it with the boys or your family?
Niall: My family.. I’m going to Ireland this Friday. I’ll be there like… until Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, I’m off to London again.
Dad: Well, at least you can go home :)
Niall: Yeah. I miss my dad, A LOT.
Dad: Then, you and (Y/n) gonna have like… A long distance relationship is it? How you guys gonna handle this? I mean… (Y/n) gonna be here, busy with her school. and You Niall, gonna travel all over the world for your tour.. I mean, how you guys gonna keep in touch?
Me: I’m gonna sleep with my laptop on. I’ll be skyping with Niall while he is on his tour bus or hotel or something…..
Niall: Hahahahahahaha didn’t think about that :P
Me: We need to put on some rules. I mean, we need to skype like…. at least… Once in 2 days. But yeaahhh!!! Ughhh.. Time-zone! Damn it!!
Dad: Hahahahaha. I don’t know how you guys gonna work this out but I hope you guys and your long distance relationship will last longer…. till marriage :)
Niall: fingers crossed!
Me: Yup, fingers crossed!
Dad: Niall, I hope you can handle my little princess attitude with care. and you little princess, don’t you dareeee to cheat on Niall!
Niall: I will, Mr. (YourLastName).
Me: He’s too perfect for me. Look at his face! *I pinch his cheek* Soooo innocent. I’m sooo nottt gonna cheat on this snowflake :)
Dad: and I don’t know what’s gonna happened to (Y/n) when she entered the school next-next week. 
Me: I’m soooo… Doom-ed.
Niall: Hahahahahhahaa you’ll be okay :)
Me: Yeah. Entering my school….. as Niall from One Direction little girlfriend. Yeah, I’m sooo gonna be okay. Like, really really… Okay.
Niall: Hahahahahaha you’re such a Diva, princess :P
Me: Hahahahahaha whaaaat? :P I bet, even my enemies gonna be like…. automatically turns into my bestfriends. Oh god, they’re sooo pathetic -.-
Niall: Oh yea, I’ve never heard any story about your friends…..
Dad: (Y/n) got a couple of friends… But, not best-friends….
Niall: Whyyyy?
Me: Cos all my fans are not Directioners. They’re all…. Beliebers…..
Niall: Hey heyyy -.- I’m a Belieber okay?
Me: Yeah. But I swear to god, you’re the sexiest Belieber on earth that I’ve ever seen!!! :D
Niall: Oh stop it…
Me: You’re so cute Niall. A guy idolizes a guy….. Justin Bieber :P
Niall: Princessssss….
Me: I fancy his girlfriend, Selena Gomez :D
Niall: Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato? :P
Me: Selena Gomez.
Niall: Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato? :P
Me: Miley Cyrus.
Niall: Victoria Justice or Demi Lovato? :P
Me: Victoria Justiceeeee!
Niall: Why is it so hard for you to…. fancy Demi Lovato? o.O
Me: Cos she’s your celebrity crush. Not, MINE.
Niall: You’re jealous, aren’t ya? :P
Me: NO I’m not.
Niall: Cher Lloyd or Demi Lovato? :P
Me: Myself.
Niall: Seee!!!
Me: Whatttt?
Niall: Or should I say…. CHER BEAR or Demi Lovato?
Me: OR.
Niall: Why you’re sooo jealous of them, Princess? :)
Me: No I’m nottttttttt -.-
Niall: Yes you areeee :) Please, Princess… you’re not good in lying :)
Me: I’m so jealous of Louis.
Niall: Because? o.O
Me: Because he have seen Harry Styles naked before :P
Niall: Seriously -.-
Me: yeahhhh!! I mean, COME ON!! It’s Harry Stylesssss everyone xD
Niall: I’ve seen it before too.
Me: But I’m not jealous of you…..
Niall: Ughhh..
Me: Oh I see… Niall is so jealous with Harry right now :P
Niall: No I’m notttt.
Me: Well, okay :)

I know that is the only way to shut Niall’s mouth. I really hate it when he talks about Demi Lovato. I mean…… he seems…. so into her. I’m still okay with Cher, cos I know they’re bestfriends since X-Factor. Plus, I’ve seen many photos of Cher and Niall and I’m okay with it. I hate it when all the Directioners photoshopped a photo of Niall and Demi. I mean… come on…….. Okay, stop. I don’t wanna talk about this Nemi thing. Me, my dad and Niall are now silently watching the tv. I know Niall are kinda pissed off right now. He really hates it when I mentioned Harry’s name. I look at my wall-clock and it’s 5:40pm already. Hmm, where’s my mother and my little sister. I’m so bored right now…..
Me: Niall, I’m going upstairs…. wanna follow?
Niall: Yeah..
Me: Dad, we’re going upstairs now.
Dad: Okay :)

I walk upstairs and Niall is following me from behind. When I finally reach to my door knob, I look behind and I see Niall is entering his guest room. I though he’s following me into my room. I just look at him. Maybe he needs to grab something before he enters to my room. He gets inside his room, he close the door and I can hear a click from here meaning he is locking the door. Oh…. So he’s not coming into my room then. I walk in my room, close the door behind me and lock it. I grab my phone on the table and there’s a text from Harry.
Harry: “Text me when you’re free. I wanna call you XX” -about an hour ago.
I reply him: “I’m free now XX”.
2 minutes later, Harry’s name appear on my phone screen. I press the answer button and Harry starts the conversation.
Harry: Hello? (Y/n)?
Me: Hello, Harrrryyyy! I miss youuuuu!! What’s up?
Harry: Yayyyy!! I miss you even moreeeee!! Nothing, just wanna talk to you…
Me: I know you miss me, Styles.. hehehe
Harry: and I know you miss me too!
Me: So, how’s ur day?
Harry: Boooorringgg.. I played video games with Louis just now, then watched DVD alone in my room, and then I took a nap, and then…… I’m calling you..
Me: What time is it now in London, Harry?
Harry: Hmmm… 11:30pm.. and yours?
Me: It’s almost 6pm here…. Wow, time-zone….
Harry: Do you know that we’re going to have a night-talk-show on next Friday? One Direction. 
Me: I bet there’s going to be a lot of questions about me for you.
Harry: Yuuuppp. and I’m gonna act cool and answer it like a boss.
Me: Hahahahaha. Oh god, we’re sooo driving all the Directioners crazy :P
Harry: Hahahahaha I know riiightttt? I’m loving my mentions when we both tweets. They’re like…. “Awhhhh, (Y/n) and Harry are sooo cuteee”.. and all.. Hahahaha.
Me: Hahahahahaha me too!! Some even said that we should get together. Pfffttt*
Harry: Yeahhh!! I get that a lot too…. Gosh.
Me: Soo….. You ate your dinner already?
Harry: Yuppp.. Just McD burger… Yeahh… You? How’s ur lunch?
Me: Me and Niall ate Pizza. That’s all…
Harry: So, xmas…. you’re not coming to London aren’t ya?
Me: Nopee… You’re going home, Harry?
Harry: Yeah… I miss my mum so yeah..
Me: Who’s still in the Stylinson apartment now?
Harry: Liam and Zayn went back to their own apartment just now. So, only me and Louis left here.
Me: Oh I see… I’ve never been to their apartment before. Ughh!!
Harry: Liam’s apartment are wayy wayyy better than Zayn’s one.
Me: Because Liam got a girlfriend named Danielle and Danielle is a clean-person. and not a lazy person like you and Lou -.-
Harry: You and Lou… it rhymes…. Wohooo!! You’re a rapper now, (Y/n).
Me: Hahahahaha shut up, Harry..
Harry: am I disturbing you or something? If I-..
Me: NO NOO!!! You’re notttt!! Just…. stay…
Harry: Okay okay…
— I hear my mum knocking on the door and
Mum: (Y/n), go downstairs in 20 mins. Niall too.
Me: Niall is not here mum. He’s in his room. I’ll tell him later and we’ll go down later.
Mum: Okayyy!!!
Me: Sorry for the shouting.
Harry: Hahahaha, it’s okay.. So…. I guess…. I have to go now…. I’m so sleepy…
Me: Okay, Harry. Sleep tight.
Harry: I’ll text you soon okay? Goodnight from London. I love you.
Me: Okayyyy. Goodnight Harry. I love you too. Byeee.
Harry: Byeeee, beautiful.

I put my phone back on the table and lay down on my bed. I realize my relationship with Niall are kinda….. we’re like….. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening to us. I mean, to our relationship. I’m trying as hard as I can to not have a fight with Niall. I mean, not a real fight. Like, this couple-fight. I just…. I don’t wanna fight with him. We’ll be facing more and more drama after this. If this ‘things’ we can’t handle it…. then….. I don’t know how we’re going to face the next problems. I look up at my ceiling. I don’t know what to do with my life when Niall flies back home this Friday. Oh god, help me!

to be continued… 

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